Japy Frères.

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Japy freres was founded 1n 1806 by Frédéric with his sons Pierre (finances/ commerce), Fritz and Louis (technicality, machine design) Today JAPY FRERES watches and clocks are still around because of the devellopment by industrializion the watch manufacturing industry.

They produced many watches and clocks, estimated in the millions during a good 150 years.

Frédéric Japy (1749-1812) was a pioneer in the "art" of industrialization and manufacturing, not only watches/ clocks, but of manufacturing in general.

Watches/ clocks were made individual, by hand, by one or more people and then assembled.

Like Ford did with cars, starting production lines for cars, at one place concentrated, Japy did the same around 1770-1812 by manufacturing pocketwatches and clocks in basic production lines at one place concentrated at Beaucourt (his native town) in France.


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