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Japy Frères.

JAPY FRERES Japy freres was founded 1n 1806 by Frédéric with his sons Pierre (finances/ commerce), Fritz and Louis (technicality, machine design) Today JAPY FRERES watches and clocks are still around because of the devellopment by industrializion the watch manufacturing industry. They produced many watches and clocks, estimated in the millions during a good 150…
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Louis XIV’s bureau returns to the Château de Versailles

            After an absence of 264 years, the desk of King Louis XIV is coming home to Versailles. This magnificent piece of cabinetmaking – deemed old-fashioned and sold in 1751 – is returning to the Château de Versailles thanks to the patronage of AXA and the Société des Amis de…
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The Marquis de Lafayette

Frenchman Marquis de Lafayette fought in the American Revolutionary War and helped shape France's political structure before and after the French Revolution. The Marquis de Lafayette was born on September 6, 1757, in Chavaniac, France. He served the Continental Army with distinction during the American Revolutionary War, providing tactical leadership while securing vital resources from…
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Château de Fontainebleau.

  Château de Fontainebleau; when one hears the name, a sense of royalty and aristocratic history come to mind. This large, 1500 room Chateau was built miles from Paris with the first structure on the land appearing in the early 12th century. Similar to many historical residences, almost every inhabitant of Fontainebleau made some type…
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France’s Loire: Valley of a Thousand Châteaux

France’s Loire: Valley of a Thousand Châteaux By Rick Steves Chenonceau, designed by women, has a striking setting and dramatic history. (photo: Robyn Stencil) The Loire Valley, two hours southwest of Paris, offers France’s greatest array of château experiences. Wander through sumptuous interiors, cared for by noble families who’ve lived there for centuries and still…
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Château de Versailles

  When the King of France, Louis XIV, first decided to build a new palace and move his court out of Paris, there was nothing on his chosen site at Versailles but a smallish hunting lodge. Today, the palace stands as a prime example of the over-the-top excesses of the French nobility that led to…
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